flu shot
New study shows the flu vaccine may reduce the risk of flu-associated pneumonia.
clinical trial
The University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health and School of Medicine investigators will be leading a federal initiative to manage clinical trials aimed at developing new treatments for breathing disorders.
asthma pieris
Preclinical data for PRS-060, a new inhaled IL4Ra antagonist for asthma treatment, has the potential to bring a "disease-modifying drug to uncontrolled asthma patients," according to Mary Fitzgerald, PhD.
emphysema lungs
Researchers say black material in the lungs of smokers is mostly insoluble tiny specks resulting from the incomplete combustion of organic material, which may start emphysema.
COPD software
A Mayo Clinic study aims to find out whether doctors can use wearable sensors and prescription-only iPads to convince COPD patients to do pulmonary rehab.
The COPD Foundation and ViiMed have launched COPD360coach, an interactive website and mobile application for health coaching.
research grant
The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute has awarded the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation a grant to expand an existing study into sarcoidosis.
The Food and Drug Administration has approved the drug Keytruda to treat advanced non-small cell lung cancer.
COPD rural areas
Researchers from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine have found that COPD is more common among poor residents of rural areas.
radiation lung cancer
A new study reveals almost half of patients with advanced lung cancer receive more than the recommended number of radiation treatments to reduce pain.
nicotine addiction
New research suggests that some people are more likely than others to get hooked on cigarettes, which may have implications for prevention and treatment of nicotine addiction.
mathematical model
University of Tokyo researchers have developed a real-time statistical method to identify risk factors of death and estimate death risk during disease outbreak, which revealed the death risk for MERS in Korea.
asthma app
The Asthma Health App, a free app for Apple iPhones, has improved education and awareness of asthma in a recent study and was found to be a good research tool.
e-cigarettes online
A study points to aggressive online marketing tactics that make purchasing e-cigarettes easy for all ages, according to a study by the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine.
COPD crowdsourcing
Boehringer Ingelheim and BioMed X have successfully applied a crowdsourcing approach to establish a global research team of scientists for COPD research.
chest scan
Patients with recurrent lung cancer have better post-surgery survival rates if their management includes a follow-up program based on computer tomography (CT) of the chest.
The FDA says it is focusing on multicultural youth in the hip-hop peer crowd because they are more likely to use tobacco than other youth.
asthma inhaler
Satisfaction with an inhaler was only one of several factors that predicted a positive outcome in asthma patients.
Ex-smokers initially faced an even higher risk of diabetes, but as more years pass without cigarette use their odds of getting the disease gradually diminished.
An analysis of genetic data revealed new associations between lung function and smoking behavior.