New research from the Washington University School of Medicine reveals insight into possibly counteracting inappropriate mucus production in conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
The Portex Blue Line Ultra tracheostomy tubes with thin-walled inner cannulae allow increased respiratory airflow and help improve the patient’s work of breathing while maintaining patency and airway hygiene.
3-D rendering of a healthy red blood cell and one afflicted with sickle cell disease
Forty-four percent of adults with sickle cell disease who report trouble sleeping actually have a clinical diagnosis of sleep disordered breathing, including sleep apnea, which lowers their oxygen levels at night.
The FDA has approved Anthrasil, Anthrax Immune Globulin Intravenous (Human), to treat patients with inhalational anthrax in combination with appropriate antibacterial drugs.
Two FDA advisory committees have voted 16 to 4 in favor of approving Breo Ellipta for the treatment of asthma in adults aged 18 years and older.
After nearly dying, UM student recovering from hantavirus
A University of Montana student infected with hantavirus in early March continues to recover from the virus that nearly killed him.
Two months after the California Department of Health declared e-cigarettes a public health risk, the state has rolled out new TV and digital ads about the dangers of the devices.
Publicly insured Americans who undergo lung transplantation for cystic fibrosis fare markedly worse in the long run than privately insured Americans.
Public Release: 25-Mar-2015 Experience saves lives: Advanced life-support study reveals differences in survival rates
For adults, the odds of surviving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) depend on which hospital provides the life-supporting treatment, with the best odds at ones that use the technique dozens of times a year.
Laboratory testing among patients undergoing cardiac surgery can lead to excessive bloodletting, which can increase the risk for developing hospital-acquired anemia and the need for blood transfusion.
Sollpura (liprotamase) is an investigational enzyme therapy appropriated for those with lower levels of digestive enzyme, or Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI) caused by several diseases, including cystic fibrosis.
Complications from pre-operative radiation of soft tissue sarcoma can be predicted by transcutaneous oximetry to allow for interventions.
doctor examining lung x-ray
Repeated use of roflumilast increases the production of a protein that causes inflammation, which possibly results in COPD patients developing a tolerance to the drug.
FDA approves expanded use of Kalydeco for CF
The US FDA has expanded the approved use of Kalydeco for children aged two to five years with cystic fibrosis who have one of 10 mutations in their CFTR gene.
The most cutting-edge advances in bronchiectasis treatment are from the pharmacological and medical device fields.
Cystic fibrosis research to benefit from lab-grown 'mini-lungs'
Using stem cells derived from skins of cystic fibrosis patients, scientists have generated organoid models of the distal part of lung tissue that may help them understand more about the disease.
ventilated patient
Opioids can be invaluable to the well-being and recovery of patients in pain, but their use comes with many risks. A solution is continuously monitoring all patients on opioids through a wide range of available technologies.
Skyline College in San Bruno, Calif will begin offering a four-year baccalaureate degree in respiratory therapy as early as next year.
The health warning on a MarkTen electronic cigarette package is 116 words long, much longer than the warnings on traditional cigarette packs in the US, a fact that has many wondering why Big Tobacco now cares about its customers' health.
anti smoking
According to The Lancet, leading public health researchers have called for the sale of all tobacco to be phased out by 2040.