Human Patient Simulator Used for Medical Board Certification

Members of the American Board of Disaster Medicine (ABODM) examination development task force gathered recently to finalize the performance assessment component of the certifying exam, which will include, for the first time, Medical Education Technologies Inc® human patient simulators (HPS®).

Sleep Manufacturers Unite in Alliance

The Sleep Manufacturers Alliance, created to be the one-voice advocate among many sleep products manufacturers on issues related to sleep disordered breathing, held its first formal meeting in San Diego, May 23, 2006.

Clinical Drug Trial Involvement Could Influence Physicians

Physicians who participated in a pharmaceutical-sponsored clinical trial involving asthma medications maintained adherence to treatment guidelines but were more likely to prescribe the sponsor’s drugs, according to a study in the June 21 issue of JAMA.

PARI Named Leading Nebulizer Company

In its recently released study of the global nebulizer market, Cambridge Consulting named PARI, Midlothian, Va, the market dominator for high-end, differentiated nebulizers in the United States and Germany.

Sleep Apnea Patient Survey Finds Mask Replacement Low

A survey done by found that while sleep apnea patients reported cleaning their masks often and using their therapy regularly, the majority of these patients are not replacing their masks as often as recommended under CMS guidelines.

COPD Education Campaign Kicks Off

A new educational and interactive campaign called The Breathing Room was launched today to help educate people about chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and encourage those experiencing its symptoms to talk to their physicians about getting screened.