Blood gas analysis

UVA Medical Center Standardizes Technology to Speed Clinical Decisions

The University of Virginia Medical Center has standardized technology in its operating rooms, obstetric, and surgical intensive care units with Masimo Technology

The facility now uses Masimo Radical-7 Pulse CO-Oximeters with noninvasive hemoglobin (SpHb) and Masimo Acoustic Respiration Rate (RRa) to perform noninvasive and continuous monitoring of hemoglobin blood levels and respiration rate, respectively.

“We use the Radical-7 with SpHb primarily for complex spine cases, where we have a particular need to track hemoglobin levels on a continuous basis,” said Marcel Durieux, MD, of UVA Medical Center’s Department of Anesthesiology. “Having a trending measure rather than having to rely only on intermittent blood gas measurement is helpful, and it allows us to better time when to get a blood gas.”

The RRa has been clinically shown to reduce risky and unnecessary blood transfusions while dramatically reducing costs, according to the manufacturer. Because SpHb monitoring provides real-time directional trends in hemoglobin – such as indicating stable hemoglobin when it may be perceived to be dropping, and rising hemoglobin when it may be perceived to not be rising fast enough – it can help clinicians initiate necessary transfusions faster.

“UVA Medical Center enjoys a well-earned reputation for providing quality patient care,” said Joe Kiani, CEO and founder of Masimo. “We at Masimo are honored to have been a partner with UVA for many years, and we’re committed to continuing to provide the advanced, high-quality medical technology this leading healthcare organization needs to help further improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.”