Manufacturer representatives from nine finalists in the biannual Innovative HME Retail Product Awards vied for the coveted top three awards on Day One of Medtrade Spring.
Medtrade Spring is scheduled for Feb 29 to March 2, 2016, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.
Nitrous oxide is safe for surgical patients who have or are at risk for cardiovascular disease, according to trial results presented at ANESTHESIOLOGY 2015.
The amount of anesthetic required for general anesthesia during surgery varies widely from patient to patient and some may be able to receive a lower dose than typically administered.
The BSM-1700 was developed to address the heightened safety challenges of transporting at-risk patients between points of care in the hospital setting, according to Nihon Kohden.
Use of a wearable ventilator system in COPD patients with chronic respiratory insufficiency was associated with significant improvement in healthcare utilization and overall respiratory health.
physicians cigarette
A survey may have revealed a link between the number of duty hours and the prevalence of physicians who smoke, according to research presented at CHEST 2015.
electronic health record
New research reveals significant reductions in central line-associated bloodstream infections and surgical ICU mortality rates after the implementation of electronic health records.
depression lung transplants
Mayo Clinic researchers have determined that patients awaiting lung transplants frequently suffer from anxiety, stress, or depressive symptoms.
New research reveals that nearly 77% of pulmonary clinical trials registered with failed to report race and ethnicity data.
sepsis ED
Researchers found no increased risk of mortality for patients with severe sepsis who were stabilized in the emergency department prior to ICU admission, according to a study to be presented at CHEST 2015.
post op texting
The use of text message reminders and having patients log post-operative progress considerably reduces the risk of cancellations for procedures and decreases post-operative ER visits, according to research at CHEST 2015.
ICU sepsis
When a collaborative culture was created between the ICU and emergency department, there was a significant decrease in sepsis mortality, length of ICU stay, and intermediate care unit-to-ICU transfers.
e-cig liquid
Vermont researchers will present a case report at CHEST 2015 in Montréal involving acute inhalation lung injury related to the use of e-cigarettes.
CHEST 2015 will feature some unique case studies, including some abstracts that may make you think twice about ingesting bear meat, shooting blanks, or getting butt and breast augmentation procedures.
Patients with PTSD had a longer duration of sedation with benzodiazepines and opiates, and a higher mean daily dose of propofol, according to research that will be presented at CHEST 2015.
A group of Portuguese researchers has found significant differences in clinical particularities and survival between smokers and non-smokers who develop NSCLC.
For the first time, European researchers have succeeded in defining three distinct types of severe asthma by analyzing patient sputum samples, according to research presented at ERS 2015.
The findings, presented at ERS 2015, could speed up current diagnosis times for the disease and uncover COPD before serious exacerbations and further loss of lung function have occurred.
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An investigational inhaled drug for COPD inhibited neutrophil enhancement and inflammatory cytokine release in a small clinical study, according to research presented at ERS 2015.