Using nutrition software on GE's Carescape R860, The Jewish Hospital was able to reduce the amount of time ventilated patients remained in the ICU by 28%, which resulted in a cost savings of nearly $9,000 per patient.
legionnaires news
Illinois state officials are reporting another death and four new cases of Legionnaires' disease among residents of a western Illinois town.
hospital sepsis care
A University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine review reveals research-based guidance to improve compliance when treating sepsis.
RSV study
A new study will infect study participants with a strain of RSV to see how the infections develops and investigate a possible treatment.
senior flu vaccine
A Brown University study of the records of nursing home residents affirms the value of the flu vaccine in senior adults.
cystic fibrosis vaccine
A team of researchers released recommendations against the use of Pseudomonas aeruginosa vaccines in patients with cystic fibrosis.
The respiratory care program of Gwinnett Technical College in Georgia recently received accreditation, according to the Gwinnett Daily Post.
paramedic care
In a large pediatric cardiac arrest study, researchers found that survival was highest, particularly among teens, when care was given within 10 to 35 minutes on the scene under the treatment of a paramedic.
The FDA has fast-tracked Cempra Inc’s solithromycin intravenous and capsules to treat community acquired bacterial pneumonia.
Medicare Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) continue to improve care quality and to lower costs, according to a new report from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.
The FDA has ordered three tobacco companies to stop claiming their cigarettes are "additive-free" or "natural."
Combination therapy with ambrisentan and tadalafil can significantly reduce the risk of clinical-failure events for pulmonary arterial hypertension patients compared with either drug alone.
Children in nonshockable cardiac arrest who did not receive epinephrine within 5 minutes of the event (21%) had a lower likelihood of survival than children who did (33%).
States with the most effective vaccination policies had 37.74 fewer cases of B. pertussis per 100,000 residents.
wyss dialysis
A team of scientists at the Wyss Institute has developed an improved sepsis device that cleanses pathogens and toxins from blood flowing through a dialysis-like circuit.
Four patients at a veterans home in Illinois have died of Legionnaires' disease and six inmates at San Quentin State Prison in Northern California have become ill, CNN reports.
An editorial published in the Journal of Emergency Medical Services emphasizes the need for EMS personnel to be prepared for patient suctioning, should the need arise.
Measured levels of the protein NLRX1 are a sign of cigarette induced emphysema, similar to the lung destruction that is seen in patients with COPD.
Vaccines that protect against multiple flu strains are possible, but it will likely be some time before a "universal" vaccine is available for human use.
Quitting smoking after a heart attack has immediate benefits, including less chest pain, better quality of daily life, and improved mental health.