Children with asthma who are exposed to secondhand smoke are more likely to be obese, according to Mayo Clinic researchers.
The movement of patients within cystic fibrosis centers appeared likely to be an important risk factor for the acquisition of shared P. aeruginosa strain infections.
Researchers in Hong Kong have cured infected monkeys with MERS by using existing drugs.
child asthma
According to health experts, childhood asthma rates have decreased by a third over the past decade.
The Illinois Department of Public Health reports that more than two-thirds of the known cases of mumps are in Champaign County, with a number of cases on a college campus.
New research shows that microbes contributing to cystic fibrosis are able to survive in saliva and mucus that is chemically heterogeneous.
manchester royal
A report from The Guardian says the Manchester Royal Infirmary was recently closed after two patients were suspected of having MERS.
medical checklist
A Nature news report examines the success of the use of the World Health Organization (WHO) Surgical Safety Checklist.
inSleep Health has received 510(k) clearance for the company's Cloud9 Anti-Snoring System, which is designed to reduce or eliminate snoring in adults.
lung cancer vaccine
CimaVax, a new lung cancer vaccine from Cuba, will soon be available in the United States thanks to improved relations between the two nations.
Routine lung cancer screenings may lower a patient's motivation to stop smoking, according to a recent study.
business agreement
Boehringer Ingelheim and Hanmi Pharmaceutical have entered into a collaboration agreement for the development of HM61713, a therapy for lung cancer.
South Korea conducts experimental plasma therapy on MERS patients
The virus, which was first confirmed in a patient on May 20th, killed 36 people, infected 186, triggered widespread panic and school closures, and stymied growth in Asia's fourth-largest economy
According to a study in CHEST, patients with COPD showed decreased gray matter volume in parts of the brain involved in the processing of dyspnea, fear, and antinociception.
New burn pit report: Lung disease, high blood pressure common in exposed vets
Troops who worked at burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as those exposed to multiple dust storms during war-zone deployments, have higher rates of common respiratory illnesses like asthma and emphysema.
Low circulating concentrations of the anti-inflammatory protein CC16 is a predictor for accelerated lung function decline and incident COPD in adults.
Smoking, not HIV status, appears to be strongly related to cardiovascular risk and multimorbidity among individuals with HIV, according to recent findings.
Emergency medicine experts say evaluating a paramedic service based on its response times is a tricky proposition at best, but these response times have come under scrutiny in New Jersey.
lung cancer surgery
In a recent year-long study, 40% of patients with COPD experienced falls, with more than 75% of these patients falling multiple times.
california state flag
A new $250 “First Responder Fee” was approved by the Long Beach City Council to be collected whenever Long Beach Fire Department paramedics provide medical service.