Asthma News

Chile Declares First Environmental Emergency Since 1999 Over Air Pollution
According to a Reuters news report, a European study suggests that exposure to air pollution early in life may contribute to the development of asthma in childhood and adolescence.
Vitamin D supplements do not reduce the number or severity of colds in asthma patients, according to a new study published online in the American Thoracic Society’s AJRCCM journal.
asthma education
Home-based education resulted in significant improvements in asthma symptoms and quality of life in a largely Hispanic population.
asthma treatment
Research from the University of Queensland finds that different types of asthma respond differently to a new experimental treatment.
Once-daily tiotropium bromide (Spiriva Respimat) as an add-on to ICS therapy showed comparable safety and tolerability to placebo among adolescents with moderate or severe symptomatic asthma.
asthma medication
According to a new Mayo Clinic study, stepping down asthma medication can be done safely and at less cost to the patient with proper guidance.
The FDA has approved the drug mepolizumab for treating asthma in patients 12 years and older, according to MedPage Today.
lung drug delivery
Researchers from the University of Utah have developed a model that can anticipate the deterioration of asthma in children.
A study published in JAMA Pediatrics reports that children who had pet dogs in the first year of life had a 15% lower rate of asthma than those without a dog.
asthma black patients
Long acting beta-agonists along with inhaled corticosteroids did not reduce asthma exacerbations in black adults in a randomized trial.
A new research study published in BMC Family Practice aimed to investigate why personal asthma action plan implementation has been poor.
GlaxoSmithKline's Advair Diskus had a safety profile comparable to fluticasone propionate monotherapy when used to treat adolescent and adult patients with asthma.
Compared to nonmenopausal women, there was a greater demonstrated risk for new-onset asthma and respiratory symptoms in women transitioning to menopause, as well as women who were in early to late postmenopausal stages.
Black children with asthma appeared less likely than white children to have a fractional exhaled nitric oxide response to intramuscular triamcinolone, according to study results
child asthma test
A commonly used pulmonary lung function test can provide early detection of asthma before a child shows any symptoms of breathing problems.
The FDA says Novartis and Merck have jointly decided to voluntarily discontinue manufacture of Foradil Aerolizer "for business reasons."
A 12-week supervised aerobic exercise program for patients with asthma yielded significant improvements in asthma control, according to research that will be presented at CHEST 2015.
N7 - Link between antibiotics, bacterial biofilms and chronic infections found
Infants who had low levels of four specific types of gut bacteria were much more likely to be diagnosed with asthma at age 3.
asthma exercise
The results of a new study suggest doing 30 minutes of exercise every day can relieve the symptoms of asthma in adults.
healthy diet allergies
The results of a study show that a healthy diet for children can help reduce the risk of allergies, allergic sensitization, and allergy symptoms.