Patients, Physicians Not on Same Page With COPD Management

Patients with COPD may need more education and better dialogue with their physicians to effectively manage the disease and potentially life-threatening exacerbations, according to the national COPE (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Experience) Survey released by the COPD Foundation.


Market Analysis: Aerosol Therapy

As the number of chronic lung patients continues to grow, today’s aerosol therapy products are providing high-quality, cost-efficient medication delivery.


Higher Temperatures May Cause Greater COPD Morbidity

COPD patients who were exposed to warm indoor temperatures had greater disease-related morbidity, including an increase in symptoms, a rise in the use of rescue medications and a decline in lung function, according to a Johns Hopkins study presented at ATS 2014.


A Deadly Duo: When COPD And OSA Overlap

On their own, COPD and obstructive sleep apnea contribute to tens of thousands of American deaths every year, but the conditions can occur together and the overlap can have increased deleterious effects on the health of patients.