COPD clinical trial
Pulmatrix Inc has announced that its European pilot study on PUR0200 for the treatment of COPD is open for enrollment.
The prevalence of past-year generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) for adults aged 50 years and older with COPD is higher compared to older adults without the condition.
The Pulmonica, a small harmonica-like device, may improve breathing in COPD patients.
inflammatory cell
According to Healio, an analysis reveals that the protein YKL-40 may be an indicator for pro-inflammatory cells but not monitoring inhaled corticosteroids in COPD patients.
The key to an inherited deficiency that predisposes some people to emphysema and other lung conditions could lie in their Viking ancestry, according to Nature: Scientific Reports.
Investigators found patterns of new opioid use among older adults with COPD that have the potential to augment possible negative drug-related effects.
mechanical ventilation
Administration of acetazolamide did not reduce the duration of invasive mechanical ventilation among patients with COPD and metabolic alkalosis in a recent study.
Genentech has received the rights to AMG 282, an antibody that scrambles the connection between two biomarkers pegged for their role in a variety of lung ailments.
stem cell therapy COPD
A recent report discusses a study that showed stem cell therapy can improve quality of life and pulmonary function in patients with lung diseases.
classification tree COPD
New research shows that a classification and regression tree for patients with COPD exacerbation identified the patient's mortality risk when admitted to the emergency department.
lung cancer screening
A research study explored whether or not the Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD) classification could predict mortality risk factors.
COPD questionnaire
A new five item questionnaire was able to identify whether a person was at risk for COPD or had moderate to severe COPD, according to research.
In a new study, researchers have determined that there is a relationship COPD and atrial fibrillation and proper management of both can improve patient outcomes.
depression lung transplants
New research indicates that new-onset and persistent depression are common among patients with COPD, particularly in women and those with a history of stroke.
A Toronto city employee whose father died of COPD hopes to set a Guinness World Record by ripping apart 60 VHS tapes in 60 seconds.
The risk of developing COPD could be 50% greater for women as it is for men, according to a new diagnostic method utilized by researchers from Lund University Sweden.
Five conditions -- ischemic heart disease, stroke, COPD, LRTIs, and trachea/bronchus/lung diseases -- accounted for almost 40% of all deaths worldwide in 2012.
sepsis gene
The Frizzled-8 receptor has an important pro-inflammatory role in COPD and its expression may be related to chronic bronchitis.
COPD health costs
After examining records of the incidence of ED visits and subsequent hospitalizations related to COPD, researchers have found “significant and increasing” costs of care.
Gage Skidmore [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
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