image of flu vaccine patch

Can A “Flu Patch” Improve Vaccination Rates?

Scientists at Georgia Tech, Emory University, and the CDC are experimenting with a new delivery method for the influenza vaccination: a “Flu patch.” The small Band-Aid sized adhesive patch could potentially allow self-administration of the vaccine while also eliminating most of the pain of the traditional flu shot.

Tobacco deadlier than ever

Editor’s Message: Tobacco Deadlier Than Ever

Fifty years after the landmark 1964 US Surgeon General Report on Smoking and Health, smoking is deadlier than ever — now responsible for the deaths of 480,000 Americans each year.

Breo Ellipta inhaler

Editor Message: New COPD Drug Hits the Market

RT Magazine spoke with GlaxoSmithKline about the launch of its latest respiratory product, BREO ELLIPTA, a once-daily ICS/LABA combination for the improvement of lung function and exacerbation control in COPD patients.

RT editor.

Editor’s Message: Patient Monitoring: The More the Better?

When it comes to health care, you might think that you can never have too much information. The more you know about a patient’s condition, after all, the better chance you have of successfully treating it. In practice, it’s not that simple.