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Although the products and their use are both far from widespread, canned oxygen is one of the newest health trends for people who want an energy boost.
Last fall, GE Healthcare released its newest critical care ventilator to European markets, the Carescape R860. The ventilator uses advanced lung protection tools and an intuitive touchscreen interface to help improve patient care.
Each year, over 7,000 adults and children in Belarus live underground in an operational salt mine as part of a lung treatment called speleotherapy.
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image of flu vaccine patch
Scientists at Georgia Tech, Emory University, and the CDC are experimenting with a new delivery method for the influenza vaccination: a "Flu patch." The small Band-Aid sized adhesive patch could potentially allow self-administration of the vaccine while also eliminating most of the pain of the traditional flu shot.
Tobacco deadlier than ever
Fifty years after the landmark 1964 US Surgeon General Report on Smoking and Health, smoking is deadlier than ever -- now responsible for the deaths of 480,000 Americans each year.
Breo Ellipta inhaler
RT Magazine spoke with GlaxoSmithKline about the launch of its latest respiratory product, BREO ELLIPTA, a once-daily ICS/LABA combination for the improvement of lung function and exacerbation control in COPD patients.
A new report from JAMA Internal Medicine estimates the total annual cost for the five most costly hospital-associated infactions (HAIs) to be $9.8 Billion, 30% of which is attributed to ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP).
In the last 5 months, 20 U.S. states have passed legislation requiring newborn screenings for critical congenital heart disease (CCHD) using pulse oximetry, an inexpensive test effective at saving lives.
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RT editorial director John Bethune discusses the Joint Commission's National Patient Safety Goal (NPSG) on alarm management to combat alarm fatigue in hospital settings.
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When it comes to health care, you might think that you can never have too much information. The more you know about a patient’s condition, after all, the better chance you have of successfully treating it. In practice, it’s not that simple.
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Chief editor John Bethune introduces RT's newest project: a microsite dedicated to patient monitoring in respiratory care.
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RT editorial director John Bethune discusses one of the costliest obstacles that hospitals face in response to new health care regulations: reducing COPD readmissions.
John Bethune
As the use of mobile apps expands, will respiratory care start to use these tools in conjunction with therapy?