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brain study
Children with allergic rhinitis demonstrated elevated risk for migraines, with the highest risk within 1 year of allergic rhinitis diagnosis, according to study results.
Early Sense 2.0 monitoring system
EarlySense has signed a co-marketing agreement with Herman Miller-Nemschoff to offer healthcare furniture pre-enabled to accept EarlySense contact-free sensor-based monitoring.
Vitamin D supplements do not reduce the number or severity of colds in asthma patients, according to a new study published online in the American Thoracic Society’s AJRCCM journal.
Pfizer to buy Allergan in $160 billion deal
Pfizer Inc, the maker of Viagra and Lipitor, has struck a deal to buy Botox-maker Allergan Plc in a transaction valued at about $160 billion.
Inhaled corticosteroids are overused in patients who probably could be managed with long-acting bronchodilators alone, according to a commentary by NEJM's Journal Watch.
How Do You Keep Vaccines Cool? Try Spacecraft Insulation
A storage device call the Arktek cooler uses vacuum thermal insulation technology (used to protect spacecraft from temperature extremes) in order to refrigerate vaccines for transport to remote locations.
A new prevention technology reduces apneic events and improves critical clinical parameters in preterm infants.
CPR child cardiac arrest
According to HealthDay, more American children who suffer cardiac arrest at home or in public places are getting CPR from bystanders.
resmed acquisition
ResMed has announced its acquisition of Maribo Medico, a company specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases and sleep-disordered breathing conditions.
The Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease's annual World COPD Day theme for 2015 is "It's Never Too Late."
The FDA determined there is a low likelihood the products will lead to increased tobacco use in the population, prevent people from quitting, or cause those who have quit to relapse.
The Forum of International Respiratory Societies (FIRS) is calling for governments to strengthen prevention and management strategies to reduce the burden of COPD.
On November 19th the American Cancer Society (ACS) will hold its 40th annual Great American Smokeout, which encourages smokers to kick the habit.
Teva Pharma has launched its #Laugh4Lungs social media campaign for World COPD Day 2015 "in order to use the power of laughter to promote global awareness of COPD."
A new study that evaluated the effect of roflumilast on normal human bronchial epithelial cells exposed to cigarette smoke found that it can help lungs that have been damaged by smoking.
The FDA has cleared Mallinckrodt Pharma's INOmax DSIR Plus MRI device for delivery of INOmax (nitric oxide) for inhalation during MRI procedures.
A national survey of 600 people with interstitial lung disease commissioned by the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation revealed that a high percentage of patients are enduring significant diagnostic delays and errors.
Salter's new devices include neonatal nasal CPAP and oxygen securement devices, ET tubes with polyurethane thin cuffs, divided capnography cannulas, aerosol nebulizers and masks.
RSV vaccine
According to Medscape, a potential RSV vaccine has shown promise in fighting the disease in a phase 1 clinical trial.
Johns Hopkins Children's Center specialists have successfully treated and put in remission a 2-year-old, now age 5, with a highly virulent form of multi drug resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB).