Tobacco Use

Certain flavorings used in electronic cigarette liquid may alter important cellular functions in lung tissue, including cell viability, cell proliferation, and calcium signaling.
The FDA has issued the first warning letters to e-cigarette companies for illegal claims on their websites, according to an article published in JAMA.
Although e-cigarettes are widely promoted and used as a smoking cessation tool, researchers found no data supporting their long-term efficacy and safety.
lung tomography
Adding genetic information to a former or current smoker’s clinical risk profile results in a reclassification of their risk for lung cancer in about 1-in-4 patients.
Now E-cigarettes Can Give You Malware
The components of e-cigarettes, including their delivery systems, combustion apparatuses, and composition of nicotine, may affect the levels of potentially hazardous substances in their vapor.
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A new report reveals that young people are just as likely to try e-cigarettes as smoking, with 20% of youth ages 15 to 19 experimenting with vaping.
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Patients who quit smoking when they have angioplasty have improved outcomes and better quality of life.
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According to TIME, the US Preventive Services Task Force says drug-based methods or behavior modification programs, or a combination of both, are the most effective ways to stop smoking.
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The results of a randomized controlled trial show that smokers visiting the emergency department (ED) are more than twice as likely to quit if counseling, nicotine replacement therapy, and relevant referrals are provided during the visit.
A new study implicates a specific mitochondrial protein and pathway in the development of COPD from exposure to cigarette smoke.
The School of Public Health at Georgia State University has named five major municipalities in China that will partner with the school on policies and programs to reduce smoking.
brain study
A team of neuroscientists have identified circuitry in the brain responsible for the increased anxiety often experienced during withdrawal from nicotine addiction.
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Researchers say that although global efforts to reduce tobacco use have had some success, more can be done to reduce smoking-related deaths.
According to data published by the CDC and the FDA's Center for Tobacco Products, current e-cigarette use by middle and high school students has tripled from 2013 to 2014.
A San Francisco city ordinance may lead to banning chewing tobacco, which would prohibit MLB players from using it as well.
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In response to CDC data on the rise of e-cigarette use by middle and high school students, the ATS says the devices should be regulated the same as traditional tobacco products.
Daily use of so-called refillable "tank" e-cigarettes, not disposable "cigalike" e-cigarettes, is most likely to help smokers quit.
The American College of Physicians recommends tougher federal regulation of e-cigarettes, including a ban on flavored tobacco products, to discourage use among young people.
The Norwegian Institute of Public Health issued a new risk assessment report on the health risks of nicotine e-cigarettes for users and bystanders.
A new study about cigarette warning labels shows that young adults are more likely to appreciate the dangers of smoking when warning are presented in images and text.