ACA Offers Opportunities to Help Smokers Quit

The Affordable Care Act can save lives and public dollars by expanding and easing access to tools and treatments to help smokers quit, according to the American Lung Association.


White House Weakens FDA-Proposed E-Cigarette Regulations

A White House department reportedly edited language in the FDA’s proposed rules for tobacco products that may weaken and limit the agency’s ability to regulate e-cigarettes and cigars, according to published documents cited by a Reuters news article.


10 New E-cigarette Brands and 240 New Flavors Appear Monthly

The number and type of e-cigarettes available online has soared within the past couple of years, with around 10 new brands and more than 240 new flavors every month, according to a study published in a special supplement of Tobacco Control.


Nicotine in E-Cigs and Other Cessation Devices Labeled Carcinogenic

Nicotine excessively mutates a cell’s DNA, according to researchers at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute who have labeled the chemical a “formidable carcinogen” and say that nicotine-infused smoking cessation products, like e-cigarettes, may not be the safest way to help smokers quit.