Tobacco Use

e-cigarette health regulations
International tobacco control experts are prompting FDA regulators to have a more "open-minded" perspective in regards to regulating vaporized nicotine products, including e-cigarettes.
stop smoking pills
Smokers with psychiatric disorders who used the drugs Chantix or Wellbutrin were no more likely to experience serious neuropsychiatric side effects than those who used nicotine patches or placebo.
Watercress extract taken multiple times a day was shown to notably inhibit the activation of a tobacco-derived carcinogen in cigarette smokers in a recent study.
According to a report by The Hill, the House Appropriations Committee voted Tuesday to exempt all electronic cigarettes and cigars currently on the market from rules proposed by the FDA.
The US FDA is expanding its “The Real Cost” campaign to educate rural, white male teens about the negative health consequences associated with smokeless tobacco use.
CDC teen tobacco use
The CDC reports that the use of nontraditional tobacco products, such as e-cigarettes, continues to rise among teens, which is stalling efforts to reduce tobacco use.
ecigarette lung disease
Measurements of airway obstruction and inflammation were worse after e-cigarette sessions, and these findings were more severe in asthmatics.
e-cigarette use teens
Is vaping a healthier alternative to smoking or is it just another gateway to tobacco and future lung diseases? Research is beginning to help clear up the cloud that surrounds electronic cigarettes.
smoking employment
New data indicates that unemployed smokers may have a harder time finding a job and may earn less than nonsmokers.
COPD symptom reliever medication
New study shows reduced effectiveness of symptom-reliever medication in flare-ups linked to cigarette smoking and infection with viruses in patients with COPD.
hookah lung abnormalities
A study of light-use hookah smokers revealed evidence of lung function abnormalities in users, including changes in cells lining the airways.
smoking pregnancy
Babies born to mothers who smoke during pregnancy show modifications in their DNA that are similar to those seen in adult smokers.
smoking cessation doctor
A new paper says smokers who go to a doctor to be screened for lung cancer should also be encouraged to quit smoking during their visit.
twitter smoking cessation program
A joint university study shows subjects in a Twitter-based smoking intervention program were more likely to be successful when quitting smoking.
Google e-cigarette search
A study on Google search trends found that the majority of searches pertained to e-cigarette shopping while few related to smoking cessation or the health of vaping.
smoking oral bacteria
Smoking drastically alters the oral microbiome, the mix of roughly 600 bacterial species that live in people's mouths, according to a study.
Combustible tobacco cigarettes cost less to purchase than equivalent amounts of electronic cigarettes in 44 of 45 countries sampled around the world.
smoking cessation COPD
A survey conducted by the CDC reveals that clinicians offer smoking cessation help to COPD patients but fewer smokers without COPD do not get similar assistance.
cigarette rheumatoid arthritis
For patients who smoke with rheumatoid arthritis, death rates were more than doubled compared with those who have never smoked.
e-cigarette nicotine delivery
A new method for measuring nicotine delivery from e-cigarettes showed first generation of e-cigarettes deliver nicotine less consistently.