Tobacco Use

The FDA has ordered three tobacco companies to stop claiming their cigarettes are "additive-free" or "natural."
Measured levels of the protein NLRX1 are a sign of cigarette induced emphysema, similar to the lung destruction that is seen in patients with COPD.
Quitting smoking after a heart attack has immediate benefits, including less chest pain, better quality of daily life, and improved mental health.
According to University of York researchers, more than a quarter of a million people die each year from using smokeless tobacco.
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Proposed rules by the FDA were pending a public comment period that was expected to end August 31. It will now remain open until September 30.
Varenicline, a prescription smoking cessation aid, has had no significant impact on the rate adults successfully quit smoking, according to a new study.
Electronic cigarettes are about 95% less harmful than tobacco and should be promoted as a tool to help smokers quit, according to a study by Public Health England.
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For smokers, the number of the number of cigarettes smoked per day and current body mass index are predictive of changes in weight after quitting smoking, according to new research.
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New research led by the University of Edinburgh reveals that stillbirths have dropped by almost 8% in England since a smoking ban was introduced.
Scientists showed that a bacterial enzyme, which can be recreated in lab settings, may possibly be used as a drug candidate to help people stop smoking.
USC researchers surveyed more than 2,500 Los Angeles-area 9th graders and found that those who vaped were significantly more likely to try traditional tobacco products.
If approved, it would make Boston the second US city to ban so-called "smokeless tobacco" products. San Francisco became the first earlier this year.
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Researchers from the University of Southern California investigated how much a high school student’s social environment is a factor in the rise in use.
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The first evidence-based model that can predict the amount of nicotine emitted by e-cigarettes has been developed by VCU researchers.
Routine lung cancer screenings may lower a patient's motivation to stop smoking, according to a recent study.
Smoking, not HIV status, appears to be strongly related to cardiovascular risk and multimorbidity among individuals with HIV, according to recent findings.
Although more American teens are using marijuana, their use of alcohol and cigarettes has decreased, a new study finds.
A new study adds to the growing body of evidence that long-time smokers may face an increased risk of death if they develop breast cancer.
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According to a study in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, mothers who smoke and have a preterm birth more than triple their risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD).
Calls for e-cigarette regulation are growing louder as big tobacco companies move in to the market, which is forecasted to top $10 billion annually by 2017.