White House Weakens FDA-Proposed E-Cigarette Regulations

A White House department reportedly edited language in the FDA’s proposed rules for tobacco products that may weaken and limit the agency’s ability to regulate e-cigarettes and cigars, according to published documents cited by a Reuters news article.


10 New E-cigarette Brands and 240 New Flavors Appear Monthly

The number and type of e-cigarettes available online has soared within the past couple of years, with around 10 new brands and more than 240 new flavors every month, according to a study published in a special supplement of Tobacco Control.


Nicotine in E-Cigs and Other Cessation Devices Labeled Carcinogenic

Nicotine excessively mutates a cell’s DNA, according to researchers at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute who have labeled the chemical a “formidable carcinogen” and say that nicotine-infused smoking cessation products, like e-cigarettes, may not be the safest way to help smokers quit.

E-cigarettes may boost resistance of drug-resistant pathogens

E-cigarettes Boost Drug-Resistance Of MRSA

Exposing MRSA to e-cigarette vapor boosted the pathogen’s drug-resistance, according to researchers at the VA San Diego Healthcare System and the University of California, San Diego.