Tobacco Use

As the popularity of electronic cigarettes has grown over the past several years, so have concerns over the health risks tied to them. So, what’s in e-cigarettes? That’s not an easy question to answer.
The Southern Nevada Health District is telling the public to educate themselves regarding the harmful chemicals in these products and to limit their availability in the community.
Electronic cigarettes are showing up at jails in more than a dozen states, as many jail officials say the benefits of e-cigarettes outweigh any potential problems or health risks.
HBO comedian John Oliver denounced tobacco company Philip Morris International and its global marketing tactics then suggested a new Marlboro mascot: "Jeff the Diseased Lung in a Cowboy Hat."
A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reports that smoking may be responsible for 60,000 to 120,000 more deaths in the US each year than previously estimated.
Damage to the brain's outer layer caused by smoking may be reversible after quitting, but it could take years, a study says.
A statement from the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids indicates that the percentage of Americans exposed to secondhand smoke has decreased since 1999 but non-smokers are still exposed.
Drug developer Invion is conducting clinical trials with the drug nadalol to aid smoking cessation efforts.
Three bills banning the use and sales of e-cigarettes to minors have been vetoed by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.
nicotine patch
New research shows that the best method to quit smoking may depend on how fast they metabolize the nicotine in their body.
A new study examined the prevalence of secondhand smoke exposure among teens who never smoked.
menstrual cycle
A new study by Adrianna Mendrek of the University of Montreal shows that a woman’s menstrual cycle seems to have an effect on nicotine cravings.
A new Cochrane review reveals that e-cigarettes can help a smoker reduce or quit cigarettes entirely.
electronic cigarettes
In 2014, more teens use e-cigarettes than traditional, tobacco cigarettes or any other tobacco product -- the first time a US national study shows that teen use of e-cigarettes surpasses use of tobacco cigarettes.
A new study reveals that cigarettes are the cause of one-third of all cancer-related deaths.
Two opposing expert commentaries on e-cigarette use published in BMC Medicine call for a rational discussion based on evidence.
New research shows medical professionals should inquire more about smokeless tobacco use by rural female patients as it is largely unknown.
Breathing secondhand marijuana smoke may damage the heart and blood vessels as much as secondhand cigarette smoke.
A new study, conducted in Israel, shows that smokers consume fewer cigarettes during the day after smelling cigarette smoke combined with foul odors during sleep.
For socioeconomically challenged smokers, offering financial incentives doubled smoking cessation rates.