Tobacco Use

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Federal and state lawmakers have urged the FDA to accelerate its push to regulate e-cigarettes and have expressed alarm about nicotine poisonings related to "e-liquids."
Teenagers are clear on the dangers of cigarette smoking, but the messages they get about e-cigarettes and marijuana come less often and are often incorrect.
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The law takes effect on Jan 1, 2016 and will also ban the sale, purchase or use of electronic cigarettes for those under the age of 21.
Fifty-five percent of long-term smokers who pass lung function tests still have a respiratory impairment, according to a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine.
E-cigarettes may boost resistance of drug-resistant pathogens
A spending bill approved by a House subcommittee would prevent the FDA from requiring pre-market reviews of e-cigarettes that already are on the market.
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Providing direct assistance to patients trying to quit smoking, such as talking about how to quit or recommending aids, can significantly improve a patient's success.
An online article for JAMA Internal Medicine reveals that 48.5% of the almost 346,000 deaths from 12 cancers among adults 35 years and older were attributable to cigarette smoking.
A small study revealed that among a group of pregnant women surveyed, almost half were unaware that e-cigarettes contain nicotine or know that the devices can be addictive.
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A study reveals that young adults who use social media to quit smoking are as twice as successful than those who used the more traditional method of telephone-based support.
About 10% of US adults now vape, which is almost four times higher than a US government estimate that 2.6% of adults used e-cigarettes in 2013.
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As smoking can place a financial burden on low income families, research shows that it has put 400,000 children into poverty in the UK.
With the popularity of e-cigarettes skyrocketing, medical experts and health officials aim to discover if the devices are safe and if they could be effective smoking cessation aids for tobacco users.
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An RTI International study found that a national tobacco education campaign launched by the CDC increased intentions to quit smoking.
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The European Society of Cardiology warns that all forms of smoking -- including smokeless tobacco and electronic cigarettes -- are bad for the heart.
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According to a new study, smoke-free legislation in England has been linked to fewer hospital admissions for respiratory infections in children.
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California would become the first or second state to raise its smoking age. A similar bill passed in Hawaii is now before the governor there.
The Quebec Superior Court has ruled that British American Tobacco, Rothmans Benson & Hedges and JTI-MacDonald failed to properly explain the dangers of smoking.
New data shows that quitting smoking can lead to a notable improvement in outcomes following major urologic surgery.
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World No Tobacco Day 2015 is on Sunday, May 31. Each year, WHO and partners highlight the health risks associated with tobacco use and advocate for effective policies to reduce tobacco consumption.
Growing up in a home with a smoker almost doubled the chance of a child smoking as an adult for Hispanics.