Tobacco Use

stop smoking website
The use of web-based smoking cessation services made smokers trying to quit almost as successful as those who use telephone quit lines in a study.
smoking organ damage
New research shows that exposure to smoking contributes to cumulative organ damage in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus.
smoking ban
New research suggests that national smoking legislation does reduce the harms of passive smoking, and especially risks from heart disease.
Marijuana use over time was associated with remembering fewer words from a list but it did not appear to affect other areas of cognitive function, a JAMA Internal Medicine study reported.
e-cigarette juice
A new study that investigated the levels of benzaldehyde inhaled from e-cigarettes showed that the cherry flavor has higher levels of benzaldehyde and may pose more of a health risk.
cigarette smoke
Among current and former smokers, the presence of excessive airway collapse (in the trachea) during expiration is associated with worse respiratory quality of life, according to a JAMA study.
smoking mental disorder
Younger people who smoke are more likely to have a psychiatric or substance use disorder compared with those who began smoking in earlier decades.
lung cancer screening
A Mayo Clinic study suggests that lung cancer screenings should be expanded to include individuals who quit smoking more than 15 years ago in order to detect more cases.
breast cancer smoking
Breast cancer survivors who quit smoking after their diagnosis had a lower risk of death as a result of breast cancer, according to data.
nicotine patch smoking
New research shows that smokers sent nicotine patches in the mail were more likely to report no longer smoking 6 months later than smokers who did not.
hookah smoke
The findings of a study show that workers at New York City hookah bars are inhaling hazardous levels of carbon monoxide and nicotine at work.
Ads featuring e-cigarettes with flavors like chocolate or bubble gum appear to increase kids' interest in buying and trying an e-cigarette, a new British study has found.
cigarette smoke cell protein
An international team of researchers have shown that cigarette smoke reduces the activity of the immunoproteasome and impacts its levels in COPD patients.
antibiotic prescription
Doctors are more likely to give smokers antibiotics for an infection, which may endanger public health by promoting antibiotic resistance.
e-cigarette smoking
A new analysis found that adult smokers who use e-cigarettes are 28% less likely to stop smoking cigarettes.
YouTube videos
New research indicates that UK teens are heavily exposed to alcohol and tobacco images and lyrics in YouTube music videos.
New analysis led by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine shows that hookah smokers are inhaling a large load of toxicants.
secondhand smoke
New data from the CDC reveals that 48% of all middle and high school students surveyed who have never smoked still reported exposure to secondhand smoke.
gene nicotine consumption
Researchers have determined how small differences in a particular region of the mouse genome can alter nicotine consumption.
man smoking cigarette
Men who smoked had a 27% reduced risk of developing gout, but researchers warned they were not advocating smoking as a treatment option.