Mechanical ventilation is a life-saving technology, but the inevitable decision to wean a patient off of a ventilator requires a skillful combination of proven protocols, reliable technology, and teamwork between RTs and physicians.
RT Magazine discusses recent advances in humidification technology with Hal Norris, founder of ARC Medical.
A merging of wireless technology and medical care is still in its infancy, but health systems that began pilot programs with the technology in recent years say they see signs that it is keeping patients healthier.
The use of waveform capnography as a monitoring and diagnostic tool extends far beyond airway management and cardiac arrest.
With the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act, pulse oximetry is poised to play an even bigger role in helping hospitals achieve the end goal of reducing readmissions through patient monitoring.
Recent trends, such as the move toward home healthcare, have influenced new innovation in secretion clearance technology and will continue to shape this market in the future.
Cerner Corp has completed its acquisition of Siemens Health Services' assets at a purchase price of $1.3 billion.
Formerly limited to use in regulated laboratory settings, the Alere i Influenza A & B Test can now be used in nontraditional laboratory sites such as physician offices, hospital emergency departments, and health department clinics.
Pulse Oximeter
RT consulted leaders in patient monitoring technology to find out how pulse oximetry is evolving and how devices are improving chronic respiratory disease management.
Royal Philips has announced the European launch of the V680 ventilator for hospital respiratory care.
A smart watch for respiratory disease patients launched by Aseptika monitors the oxygen levels in patients' blood.
Lab Corp has announced the availability of a reflex test to identify EV-D68.
RT takes a look at some of the current offerings in the simulation sector, which are helping to test equipment and train novice and veteran respiratory care practitioners and improve quality of care.
Thanks to a new partnership with Microsoft, Aerocrine is exploring possibilities for its FeNO diagnostic medical devices to venture into the world of telemedicine.
Premature newborn receives ventilator support
The incidence of bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) continues to compromise long-term health in neonatal patients despite mechanical ventilation's success in reducing infant mortality.
UC Berkeley engineers have created a pulse oximeter sensor comprised of organic materials.
ResMed has launched its new AirCurve 10 series, which includes three bilevel devices for to treat sleep apnea, and an adaptive servo-ventilation device for patients with central sleep apnea or Cheyne-Stokes respiration.
Masimo has announced the FDA 510(K) clearance of its patient monitoring and connectivity platform.
PulmoFlow Inc's Kitabis Pak, a co-packaging of generic tobramycin inhalation solution with a PARI LC PLUS Nebulizer, has been approved to treat cystic fibrosis.
Drive Medical Inc has launched two new CPAP mask models: the NasalFit Deluxe EZ CPAP Mask and the PillowFit Deluxe Nasal CPAP System. Both will be available beginning Dec 18th.