Woman with COPD

COPD And Women

In the last 30 years, COPD has become more prevalent in American women, who now make up more than half of patients currently diagnosed—an estimated 7 million women, in all.

Airway management products

Market Analysis: Airway Management

Airway management products are responding to the industry’s need to reduce hospital stays and potential readmissions by focusing on home care solutions.

3-D printed airway splints

Second Child Saved By 3-D Printed Airway Splints

Tracheal splints created using 3-D printing have successfully improved the lung function of an 18-month-old boy with severe tracheobronchomalacia, making him the second child whose life has been saved by the technology developed by University of Michigan doctors.

Disaster Medical Assistance Teams

DMAT: Disaster Medical Assistance Teams

When disaster strikes, the expertise and medical support delivered by federal Disaster Medical Assistance Teams, which include RTs, are often the difference between life and death for victims.

tech insider laryngoscopy

Tech Insider: Video Laryngoscopy

This month’s technology insider explores video laryngoscopy, a device that, due to its durability and portability, has proven to be a favored option for airway management during disaster situations.


Tech Insider: Adaptive Aerosol Delivery

Commercially available since 1997, adaptive aerosol delivery (AAD) has undergone improvements as it attempts to edge out conventional nebulizing methods.

Obesity May Cause Asthma by Altering the Immune System

Research conducted at Boston Children’s Hospital indicates that obesity might cause asthma via factors in the immune system, and suggests a new way of treating the condition in obese people —who often respond poorly to standard asthma medications.