Patient using an nnd Medical spirometer

Increasing Access To Spirometry

Initiatives across the country are expanding access to quality spirometry, a key component in the proper diagnosis and treatment of respiratory conditions like COPD and asthma.


Benson Medical Offers New Spirometer

Benson Medical Instruments now offers the CCS-200 Spirometer, which utilizes the same software package as the company’s audiometers, allowing customers to archive their audiometric and spirometric results in one, easy-to-use database.

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Market Analysis: Spirometry/PFT

Digital communication of patient data has changed the landscape of the spirometry and PFT market, and the excitement is only just beginning.

Image of ventilator.

Oricare V8800 ICU Ventilator Gets FDA Clearance

Oricare Inc has received 510k clearance from the U.S. FDA for its V8800 ICU Ventilator, according to the company. The V8800 includes integrated spirometry and is designed for use with infants, children and adults.

Image of woman using a spirometer.

Spirometry: Monitoring and Extending the Lives of CF Patients

Clinical pulmonary function testing using spirometry is an essential tool for the diagnosis and management of cystic fibrosis, but new research and new technology advancements suggest home spirometry could soon become an efficient alternative.

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Products 2013: Spirometry/PFT

A closer look at 8 spirometry/PFT devices from leading manufacturers ndd Medical, nSpire Health, COSMED USA, FutureMed, MGC Diagnostics, and SDI Diagnostics.