Although negative consequences are rare when performing spirometry, they can occur. Poorly- or under-trained staff can also broaden the spectrum of risk for patients.
incentive spirometer
Research shows that children with cerebral palsy experience significant improvements in respiratory function when taught to perform incentive spirometer exercise.
RespirTech has introduced a new remote monitoring system that wirelessly transmits spirometry and HFCC airway clearance data for treatment of cystic fibrosis patients.
child spirometry
As recurrent pneumonia is a common cause of bronchiectasis in children, new data suggests that spirometry measures can be used for early detection and diagnosis.
UK researchers have developed the world's first "sneezeometer," an airflow sensor or spirometer that is sensitive enough to measure the speed of a sneeze.
RT magazine's annual Buyer's Guide is now available for 2016. Included in the guide are over 200 company manufacturers and distributors of respiratory, emergency medicine, critical care, and sleep products.
COPD spirometry
An analysis of primary care clinics reveals that only 19% of COPD patients had undergone spirometry testing, according to research at CHEST 2015.
child asthma test
A commonly used pulmonary lung function test can provide early detection of asthma before a child shows any symptoms of breathing problems.
Plethysmography plays a key role in assessing functional residual capacity (FRC) in the lung as well as other important pulmonary measures.
Vyntus WALK allows clinicians to conduct the 6-minute walk test (6MWT) fully independent of any external wires or means of connection.
Using ndd Medical’s EasyOne spirometer, COPD patients were as adept in monitoring lung function at home as the professionals who performed their baseline measurements.
RT's 2015 Product Guide, which includes more than 75 leading respiratory care products, is now available on our enhanced mobile application for tablets and smartphones.
A closer look at 12 spirometers and cardiorespiratory diagnostic devices from leading manufacturers such as Vitalograph, ndd Medical, and nSpire Health.
RT asks executives from Vitalograph Inc and Futuremed to look ahead at the industry and technology trends for spirometers.
Cohero Health, an NYC-based digital health company, has received 510(k) clearance from the FDA for its mobile spirometer.
Effective pulmonary function tests on their own, combining the diagnostic power of spirometry and plethysmography gives clinicians a frontline weapon in the management of chronic lung diseases like asthma and COPD.
RT Magazine's annual Product Guide, which includes more than 60 of the newest respiratory care products from 50 leading manufacturers, is now available on our enhanced mobile application for tablets and smartphones.
A closer look at 9 spirometry and PFT devices from leading manufacturers such as Vitalograph, ndd Medical, and nSpire Health.
The right knowledge and proper planning can help every healthcare facility successfully integrate their pulmonary function test data into their electronic medical record.
Benson Medical's CCS‑200 Spirometer report building software offers an easier way to customize occupational health testing reports, the company says.